Silk Factory

Reconstruction of the IJKK Silk Factory in Järvenpää was completed in 2009. Amongst others ROL, OKE, SAM, REK, SET, SAT, KIK, KIP, and TAK of the Climecon supply air devices were selected for the old reconstructed object. All products except for the adjusting valve were painted with gray RAL 9006.

As an old object the Silk Factory is challenging from the viewpoint of ventilation due to, amongst other things, low room height, large airflows and roof beams.

Climecon's ROL supply air devices were selected for certain rooms. ROL is indeed an excellent choice for low spaces that do not have a suspended ceiling.

The ROL air supply device is a painted assembly, ready for installation, which includes connectors of the modules, installation rail and an end cover with measuring output. Non perforated channel ROL-0 as well as adjustment and damping element ROL-S are provided as accessories. When using the ROL-S, adjustment will be silent. At the same time the assembly is stylish, reliable and easily serviceable. It is easy to keep the nozzle channel clean as the surface of ROL is completely smooth from inside and out. Maintenance is easy through the openable end piece.

In addition, the OKE supply air devices are being used in the object. OKE is a wall-mounted supply air device for relatively small air flows. Suitable places for its use are offices, living quarters and apartments. Airflow adjustment is easy and reliable with magnetic tape regulation. OKE is also equipped with a measuring unit. The front end of OKE is smooth; therefore it is easy to keep it clean.

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