Malmgård Brewery

The Malmgård Manor House is a historical site with long traditions, located between Finnish towns Porvoo and Loviisa. The brewery area of the Malmgård Manor house was renewed and gloss lacquered ROL nozzle ducts were selected as supply air devices for the new beautiful space.

Nozzle duct ROL is a perfect choice for Malmgård brewery. It's designed for rooms requiring large air volumes distributed evenly and without draught. Easy cleanability and secure operation come forth as strong properties of the ROL supply air device. The smooth surface of the ROL nozzle duct is easy to clean and the cleaning of its inside can be easily done through an openable end piece.

Beside the technical requirements, the design of the nozzle duct was important for this historically and architectonically important space. Also the gloss lacquering gives to the ROL nozzle duct a stylish and easy-to-clean slippery surface.

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