Zero energy apartment house Kuopion Opiskelija-asunnot

The pilot project of Kuopion Opiskelija-asunnot Oy (Kuopas), the zero energy apartment house is a supplementary project at the Kuopio Housing Fair.

The Kuopio zero energy apartment house is the first building in Finland which fulfills the requirement of the European energy efficiency directive 2020 in preparation. This building project is the next step from passive buildings towards energy sufficient buildings. The design of the building is based on energy efficient structural solutions, which are completed by the sustainable energy production of the house.

Exhaust air from inside is blown out using extraction through the walls. This method has been widely discussed, and it is essential to position the equipment and to adjust air speed appropriately. However, several sites in Finland have proved that if it is installed and adjusted appropriately, air extraction through the walls is a good and cost efficient solution. The building contains Climecon UPA wall exhaust equipment. UPA has a patented structure which makes it possible to raise air speed to guarantee a good level of blending.

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