Stockmann Central Kitchen

Stockmann, the oldest department store chain in Finland, opened a new central kitchen in Viinikkala, Vantaa. The new modern central kitchen opened in November 2010.

Climecon's hoods and ceiling ventilation solution with UV system were chosen in the central kitchen.

The new central kitchen prepares food for all Stockmann department stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The high utilization rate and quality standards of the central kitchen challenges the cleanliness of the exhaust air ducts. To ensure the quality standards, the central kitchen of Stockmann is using certified quality systems ISO 14001 and 22000.

Climecon´s purification solutions that use the combined effect of ultraviolet light and ozone keep the ducts of the kitchen cleaner than the traditional solutions. When the grease doesn't accumulate in the air ducts, the need for chimney sweeping and duct cleaning decreases. The risk of grease fires is also lower.

The photochemical exhaust air purification system by Climecon is also skimpy with energy, and it enables the heat recovery ventilation from the exhaust air of the kitchen.

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