The features of CleanMaster® hoods are ideal for professional kitchens.

UV lamps

The benefits of Climecon's UV lamps are that they do not need to be swiped or cleaned during their lifetime. UV lamps work normally in up to 90°C degrees. Unlike conventional UV lamps, these lamps maintain the wanted cleaning efficiency even in high ambient temperatures.


The hoods are equipped with easily detachable EasyCare supply air grilles for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The grilles are quickly wiped or put into a dishwasher and are designed to contain no holes or cavities for repelling contaminants.


AirBoost technology prevents heat and impurities from spreading onto the working areas.


The lights are ideal for professional kitchens since they exceed the demands of even the most prestigious top kitchens. The high standard LED lights do not dazzle. The luminosity level is ideal, not to forget about great color reproduction index.


Safety has been one of the core principles in CleanMaster® product development. All Climecon hoods are compatible with the internationally highly considered ANSUL-fire safety system. For faster installation and lower costs, the fire safety system can be pre-installed already at the factory.

Digital Flow Metering and Building automation 

Digital Flow Metering allows the user to monitor the air flow through the hood. Flow rate measurements among other useful data can be integrated with building automation systems e.g. Modbus.