• Townhouse Fiskari31
    Climecon's RINO and CLIK supply air diffusers complete the caredul, detailed decoration of this beautiful Scandinavian apartment.
  • Tyrvää Parsonage
    Climecon made sure that the stunning venue of the beautiful, historical parsonage got the ventilation solutions it deserves with for example FINO supply air diffusers.
  • GRADIA Harju Campus
    Clean and healthy indoor air for more than 1500 students of GRADIA grand school was ensured with for example Climecon's DINO displacement diffusers.
  • Duudsonit Activity Park
    Climecon's superior CleanMaster® technology was chosen to take care of the indoor air of the restaurant of the new Duudsonit Activity Park.
  • Rantarousti School
    Climecon's ROX nozzle ducts and RUX supply air devices were chosen for the brand new school that has no traditional classrooms.
  • Allas Sea Pool
    Climecon's stylish ROX nozzle ducts and StandardPlus hoods were chosen for the premises of Allas Café
    at Allas Sea Pool, a new landmark, in Helsinki city.
  • Pohjankartano School
    Climecon's stylish and adaptable ROX nozzle ducts were chosen to the unenclosed spaces of
    Pohjankartano School.
  • Cumulus Meilahti
    The HVAC designer of Cumulus Meilahti talks on behalf of Climecon's products - there are good previous experiences of similar construction sites, which made it easy to make the choices.
  • Stadin ammattiopisto
    Climecon's hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions were chosen for the low premises of Stadin ammattiopisto as they could be customized according to the supporting beams.
  • Baskeri & Basso
    Climecon's stylish, gloss lacquered ROL nozzle ducts were chosen for the cosy restaurant
    Baskeri & Basso in Helsinki city.
  • Krog Roba
    Climecon's StandardPlus ceiling ventilation solutions were chosen for Krog Roba's kitchen that is located on the ground floor of a luxury Hotel Lilla Roberts,
    in downtown Helsinki.
  • OP Vallila
    Climecon's CleanMaster® ceiling ventilation solutions and -Hoods and StandardPlus Hoods were chosen for the new kitchen of OP Vallila in Helsinki.

Our references

Climecon's wide range of ventilation and air purification products allows you to create the best possible indoor climate at home as well as at the workplace. We have over the years implemented and accomplished differing projects. Even the most challenging conditions are not a problem and the products can be manufactured of special materials when needed.